Buckwheat husk

meshok 10kg enAll have heard about the benefits of buckwheat. Fashion for a healthy lifestyle, and food made it a leader among food products. «Queen of porridge» rich in protein, it is low-calorie, with contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, organic acids. However, few people know that buckwheat is useful to everything, even the husk.

Good sleep - the guarantee of health

Without a healthy, sound sleep no one will be able to work effectively and live a full life. Constant stress and hard work lead to sleep disturbances, and sedentary work, excessive exercise entail diseases of the spine.

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The price of buckwheat husk

three petals about 60%, double petal about 40%, one petal about 10%

  • 7rub/kg
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Buckwheat husk is widely used as a filler for pillows and blankets, mattresses and rolls. It takes the shape of the spine and head, creating the most optimal physiological position for a body that effectively helps to get rid of insomnia, nocturnal headaches and snoring. This is achieved thanks to the light massaging effect, which has a husk.

This filler can help in the prevention and treatment of common diseases such as low back pain. Orthopedic effect is ensured by the fact that the husks adapts to the contours of the body, allowing you to relax as much as possible.

More effects buckwheat husk

In addition to accessories for sleep, buckwheat husk is used for filling the chairs and seats in the car. Permanent operation of household items with the filler has many positive effects on various human organs, because it:

  • Reduces symptoms of bronchitis.
  • Reduce symptoms of sinusitis and otitis.
  • Has anti-allergic effect.
  • Useful in rheumatism and hemorrhoids.
  • Used for prevention and treatment of renal diseases.

Buckwheat husks from LLC «Alliance»

The benefits of buckwheat husk will, if it is properly treated. The benefits of buckwheat husk will, if it is properly treated. We use modern husk treatment technology, making it safe for consumers. Our range of products is huge. He will be able to satisfy the most demanding customers. In addition to the husk, we offer our clients green buckwheat, which is known for its beneficial properties.

Buckwheat husk


  • My doctor, has told me about advantage of green buckwheat. At first it was strange even to think that buckwheat can be eaten crude. But for the first time when has prepared houses, has been pleasantly surprised with taste. Already 2 months every day I eat germinated green buckwheat and
    Anastasia V. Pensioner
  • In my sports club, have opened fitness bar. Only healthy and healthy food and drinks. And so green buckwheat this most popular dish. In day buy about 2 kg. We prepare for our trainers. Even the emblem with green buckwheat over a porch of club was established.
    Nadezhda T. Director of fitness club
  • I have bought from you 5 kg of green buckwheat. I have already eaten up it. All sprouted perfectly well. Tasty it is also useful. In a month has lost weight by 5 kg. Has persuaded the friend and the girl. Now we buy together. It is pleasant that besides
    Andrei V. Manager
  • On the Internet has also on TV learned about advantage of the pillows filled with buckwheat pod. there it was said that buckwheat pod in pillows reduces displays of bronchitis, reduces symptoms of antritis and otitis, has antiallergic effect. Has bought 2 bags and has replaced all pillows. All my
    Marina D. Housewife
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