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Green buckwheat, buckwheat (steamed), buckwheat husk and through

The good mood and high performance of the person in many respects depend on his physical state. Healthy nutrition – one of the key points necessary for maintenance of an organism in a tone.

Adherents of healthy food even more often recommend to use such product as green buckwheat. One of leading companies selling similar grain is LLC «Alliance». Read more...

tons it is delivered
portions it is prepared
it is made pillows


  • Green buckwheat
  • from 60 rub/kg
  • Buckwheat (steamed)
  • from 37 rub/kg
  • Buckwheat husk
  • 35 rub/kg
  • Buckwheat through
  • 7 rub/kg

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  • My doctor, has told me about advantage of green buckwheat. At first it was strange even to think that buckwheat can be eaten crude. But for the first time when has prepared houses, has been pleasantly surprised with taste. Already 2 months every day I eat germinated green buckwheat and
    Anastasia V. Pensioner
  • In my sports club, have opened fitness bar. Only healthy and healthy food and drinks. And so green buckwheat this most popular dish. In day buy about 2 kg. We prepare for our trainers. Even the emblem with green buckwheat over a porch of club was established.
    Nadezhda T. Director of fitness club
  • I have bought from you 5 kg of green buckwheat. I have already eaten up it. All sprouted perfectly well. Tasty it is also useful. In a month has lost weight by 5 kg. Has persuaded the friend and the girl. Now we buy together. It is pleasant that besides
    Andrei V. Manager
  • On the Internet has also on TV learned about advantage of the pillows filled with buckwheat pod. there it was said that buckwheat pod in pillows reduces displays of bronchitis, reduces symptoms of antritis and otitis, has antiallergic effect. Has bought 2 bags and has replaced all pillows. All my
    Marina D. Housewife
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